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You’re always questioning your training sessions

You’re not always sure you’re on the right track and when it comes to tackling more difficult elements, you hesitate: how do I know if my gymnasts are ready, and if I’m capable of teaching them and spotting them safely?

You constantly need to adapt

Sometimes you’re faced with large groups, and with a combination of different levels, ages and objectives. It’s not always easy to set priorities and to keep finding new ideas.

You don’t have the time to do everything

Preparing content for each session is time-consuming and hard to put down on paper. In training, every minute counts and you often ask yourself if there are exercises that would allow you to make faster progress.

You want to be better so your gymnasts progress more quickly!


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Recognized as the go-to site for artistic gymnastics for over 10 years, Gymneo serves thousands of coaches and clubs in France and throughout the world. From years of experience teaching high performance artistic gymnastics, we are committed to passing on the best of our knowledge around technique and teaching, and to offering you the best possible learning experience.

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