GymneoTV training videos: Learn and teach gymnastics on beam

5 meters long and only 10 centimeters wide! Who has never heard this said about the beam? TV commentators love repeating these figures so that spectators imagine how difficult it is to perform skills on beam.

But can they really imagine the precision and the technical rigor that that requires? Here, we can’t be content simply with the successful execution of an element. The placements of the feet, hips, shoulders and hands are of monumental importance. A few millimeters too much to the right or left, and it’s a fall!

Gymnasts therefore need to master their posture and be capable of sensing the position of each joint. This requires meticulous work in collaboration with the coach.

And we can’t ignore the fear involved! This emotion, in a beginner, is a near permanent feature. Expert gymnasts have learned to control it and develop extreme confidence. But how do you conquer this fear, and how, over time, do you manage to feel at ease on the beam?

Plus, it’s on this apparatus and on floor that the artistic dimension of gymnastics takes on meaning. The grace and fluidity of movements, the amplitude of jumps, make performance on the beam a true spectacle.

The coach must therefore have both technical and dance elements at their fingertips. Be able to observe a gymnast’s movement in minute detail in order to figure out the errors and compensations in positioning. They must also be able to develop both passive and active flexibility in their gymnasts. Plus, they must be able to offer a learning strategy that helps them to conquer their fear and increase their self-confidence.

GymneoTV training materials for beam are created with the same demanding rigor that we expect from coach and gymnast. Each detail counts! They are therefore all meticulously explained and demonstrated. Here, more than anywhere else, you need to be ready to move on to the next element. We help you learn how to know when your gymnasts are ready. The skill progressions are developmental and take gymnasts step by step toward success.

To find out more about the content of our training materials, take a look below at the chapter topics for each element on beam.