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A personalized training service from our GymneoTV trainer: Angelo Ritorto

The aim of GymneoTV is to give coaches access to quality education dedicated to artistic gymnastics, without having to travel. This allows you to continue your education at your pace, at whatever time and place suits you.

Behind each tutorial, we aim to answer any questions you might have. To do this, we offer concrete solutions, but in particular, we aim to teach you the analysis and the path that we took to find these solutions.

This approach helps you to better analyze your gymnasts’ performance and the content of your training sessions. You increase your competence and your gymnasts progress faster.

But we also know that sometimes, you may still need an extra detail, or analysis, in order to find the solution to a problem that you are currently encountering in training.

Or sometimes, it may be training on a specific element that you’re interested in, that we haven’t yet created.

And as the level of your expertise increases, so too does the need for custom answers. There are always several parameters to take into consideration and each situation is unique. You always need to adapt solutions to your particular situation.

Plus, coaches rarely work alone – they are part of a team. And for the club to make progress, you need the entire team to move in the same direction.

For all of these reasons, we have created a service offering custom-designed training. Here, you are the center of our attention. You decide what you want to learn, and the areas in which you want advice.

In our video coaching sessions, you’ll be in direct dialogue with Angelo, our GymneoTV training expert, on the topics that you’ve asked for. The sessions will happen via video conferencing, one-to-one or with a team. It’s all very straightforward, with no need for specialized equipment! An internet connection and a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Skype is all you need.

If you want, you can also make use of our “video analysis” service. All you need to do is to send us videos of your gymnasts, and our trainer will analyze them according to your needs: what errors need correcting and how? is my gymnast ready for something more difficult? etc… Then you receive the analysis in video form.

Watch out: The more personalized the service, the more limited its availability. There are a limited number of consultations and video analyses available each month. Act quickly to benefit from this service!