GymneoTV training videos: Learn and teach gymnastics on vault

Vault is an explosive apparatus where a gymnast’s physical and acrobatic potential must be revealed in just a few seconds. Running speed and take-off power are major factors for success on vault.

But the physical isn’t everything! The ability to execute complex acrobatic movements and to orient in space are also determining factors.

Plus, to master and reliably execute competition vaults, gymnasts must also display courage and precision.

The coach’s role is of course crucial. They must help their gymnasts develop by giving them training exercises matched to their level. From handspring to Tsukahara, via a Yurchenko, they need to know all the techniques for different vaults, as well as their skill progression.

The mastery of run-up technique – the infamous run-up training clinic – and acrobatic skills on trampoline (the “part-method”) are absolutely essential. The techniques to assist and spot are also a necessary addition to a coach’s repertoire.

GymneoTV training materials for vault are designed to offer coaches all of this knowledge. Everything is explained in minute detail: the run-up, the pre-take-off phase, the take-offs, and the techniques for the first and second flight phases.

Thanks to these lessons, you’ll no longer have doubts around the angle of attack for the springboard or the vaulting table. The techniques of the hurdle for a round-off will no longer be a mystery. Plus, you’ll know how to teach your gymnasts transverse rotations with our without twists in the second flight phase.

To learn more about the content of our training materials, take a look below at the chapters we tackle for each vault.