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The flyspring

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The flyspring

  •   General overview of the training course on flyspring on floor
  •   Introduction
  •   Zoom in on the main characteristics of a flyspring
  •   Detailed technical analysis of a flyspring
  •   Flyspring on trampoline
  •   Prerequisite n°1: Mastering dish and arch actions
  •   Prerequisite n°2: Handspring
  •   Introduction
  •   Series of exercises on trampoline for learning flyspring
  •   Drills and learning sequences on fast track
  •   Training stations on floor for teaching flyspring

The flyspring

How to teach flyspring on floor

4 video(s)
Duration : 00h36
Trainer :
Angelo Ritorto

The flyspring

How to teach flyspring on floor


Just like its backward counterpart, a flyspring is essentially an expression of dish-arch actions.

By learning it and regularly practicing the training exercises involved, gymnasts will understand and improve their arching action.

This capacity is then particularly productive for all elements based on a handstand pop such as handspring vaults.

But, unlike the flic flac, we can't consider it as indispensable for performing complex saltos forward.
These are of course more often done from a run-up. And yet we can't avoid this skill. It's part of the basic toolbox that every gymnast should possess.

So in order to help you teach it, we are going to examine it in detail.

We'll begin this training with a technical analysis, where we'll see in particular why there are differences in placement between a flyspring done on trampoline and one done on floor.

Then we'll take a look at its prerequisites, taking care to identify the signs that show your gymnasts are ready to take on this element.

And we'll finish with an exploration and precise explanation of all the training stations needed.

We hope you enjoy the training.

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4 video(s)
Duration : 00h36
Trainer : Angelo Ritorto

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A note on the series of books, "Let's teach gymnastics":
• Our books are essential companions to the video training on the same topics that you find in the section "Gymnastics Education" here on GymneoTV.
• Their spiral binding and tabbed pages allow you to quickly find the skills you want to look at, and easily locate the drills and training stations.
• The summaries of technique and the large format illustrations made to scale make these books the ideal companions to your training sessions.

Our advice:
• For training session prep: thanks to the technique summary and icons at the top of each page, you can easily find the stations that match the current needs of your gymnasts. You can also anticipate the equipment needs for your upcoming session.
• During training:  with the help of realistic images, you can save time by showing your gymnasts the drills to work on. They will also be able to help you set up the training stations and thanks to the illustrations, they'll more easily understand the task at hand.
• You will improve the constant exchange that you have with your athletes. In fact, when giving your instructions, the illustrations create common ground for discussions or reference points. They make it easy to understand and/or visualize technical placements, which makes it much easier to learn the element.