Analysis of your videos: 3 technical elements

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Analysis of your videos: 3 technical elements


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(Analysis only in French language )

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Do you want a technical opinion, or are you looking for solutions to help one or several gymnasts?

Take advantage of our new, completely customized service!

(only in French)

  • Film up to 3 elements performed by one or more of your gymnasts and send them to our GymneoTV trainer.
  • We’ll send back to you a detailed video with his analysis. The errors will be pointed out and explained, and you’ll get advice and feedback on technique such as: avenues to work on and suggestions of exercises that will help you make progress on the challenges faced by your gymnast(s).

Our advice:  share this work with the gymnasts concerned. The feedback video will help them to understand and view their errors differently and more easily envisage the changes to implement.


A new modern work tool, quick and effective!

To find out more:  watch an extract from a video analysis here.


  • Technical arrangements for sending your videos:  the 3 videos must be sent at the same time.
  • Turnaround time for your analysis:  within 7 days of receipt of your videos.
  • Important : this ultra-personalized service is limited in terms of quantity in order to guarantee a high quality service. Only 8 analyses are available per month.