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The Run on Vault

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The Run on Vault

    •   Principles and approach
    •   Introduction to the run: biomechanical factors
    •   Starting position
    •   Activation
    •   Amplitude and frequency
    •   Stance and swing
    •   Swing phase as preparation for the stance phase
    •   Stance phase: initial contact as a brake on the movement
    •   Stance phase: midstance phase to conserve movement
    •   Stance phase: propulsion to create movement
    •   The swing phase resulting from the stance phase
    •   Points to remember about the technical consequences
    •   The role of the pelvic girdle in transferring acquired energy
    •   Foot action and rebound
    •   Preface
    •   Fundamental action frameworks: Concept of rhythm, speed and frequency-amplitude combination
    •   Rebound and foot action
    •   Working on the support position
    •   Working on the foot strike while moving
    •   Working on the foot repulsion
    •   Working on the stairs
    •   Starting position + activation
    •   Optimizing the stride to help maintain speed

    The Run on Vault

    How to set up a medium-term and long-term progression, the most complete training possible on the run.

    6 video(s)
    Duration : 01h30
    Trainer :
    Jérôme Perdriau

    The Run on Vault

    How to set up a medium-term and long-term progression, the most complete training possible on the run.


    This training provides a thorough study of the run on vault.

    The run is crucial for all vaults and for all tumbling takeoffs on the floor, but coaches often work on it less than other technical elements.

    At first glance, this move might seem unrelated to gymnastics. Also, there aren’t a lot of gymnastics trainings devoted to it. For that reason, we’ve invited Jérôme Perdriau to share his expertise with us. Jérôme is a physical education teacher, former 400 meter runner, a track and field specialist, and longtime gymnastics coach.

    We’re delighted that he’s created this study, along with all the exercises you’ll see. From the conception to the filming, he focused on a guiding principle: the ongoing relationship between knowledge about sprinting and our concrete needs in gymnastics.

    This training includes a technical analysis that combines biomechanics and functional description. You’ll learn about the importance of the foot action and the role of the abdominal girdle in the transfer of forces.

    Next, you’ll see a series of drills that progress in difficulty and target the fundamental technical aspects of the run.

    The training provides detailed explanations of exercises that work on a set of concepts:

    • Amplitude and frequency
    • Rebound and the foot action
    • Starting position
    • Activation/acceleration
    • Maintaining speed

    After you watch this training, you’ll be well equipped to put in place a learning sequence for the run on vault and consequently enhance your teaching.

    Happy training!

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    6 video(s)
    Duration : 01h30
    Trainer : Jérôme Perdriau