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The swing half turn

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The swing half turn

    •   Introduction
    •   Starting position
    •   Downward swing and pulling on the bar
    •   Moving under the bar
    •   The tap
    •   Creation of the half swing
    •   Focus on the wrists during the regrasp (transition from hang to support)
    •   Thumb position during the turn
    •   Focus on the position of the free arm during the turn
    •   The last quarter turn
    •   Conclusion
    •   Prerequisite no. 1
    •   Prerequisite no. 2
    •   Prerequisite no. 3
    •   Prerequisite no. 4
    •   Progression 1: Series of exercises from a stationary position to hang (4 exercises)
    •   Progression 2: Getting familiar with the turn on the low bar (9 drills)
    •   Progression 3: Learning progression on the high bar (6 dril
    •   Exercise 1 – Conditioning for the action of initiating the turn
    •   Exercise 2 – Strengthening the actions to help finish the turn
    •   Exercise 3 – Connection between the tap and the creation of the turn
    •   Exercise 4 – Connection between the tap and half turn
    •   Exercise 5 – Connection between the tap and half turn
    •   Introduction
    •   Technique no. 1
    •   Technique no. 2
    •   Technique no. 3
    •   Technique no. 4
    •   Technique no. 5
    •   Technique no. 6
    •   Technique no. 7
    •   Technique no. 8

    The swing half turn

    Explore our first training on skills based on backswings with a long-axis turn

    6 video(s)
    Duration : 01h11
    Trainer :
    Angelo Ritorto

    The swing half turn

    Explore our first training on skills based on backswings with a long-axis turn


    Complete training on swing half-turn on uneven bars

    To help you through your learning process, we have 5 videos for you:

    In the first, you'll learn the technique for the skill. From the placements in the swings to the actions that create the half-turn, your trainer will go into precise detail. We'll also zoom in on the return to support during the rotation. This is of course one of the most difficult phases of the skill.

    The second video brings you the prerequisites. Learn the skills to master and the criteria to look for in your gymnasts to be able to work on the half-turn.

    The third video takes a look at how to teach the skill, with a series of exercises formulated for this purpose. Discover the first exercises to give your youngest gymnasts. Then the exercises that will lead up to having a competition-ready skill.

    The fourth video brings you specific physical preparation. In it, you will find a set of strength exercises. Integrate them into your training circuit and they will be effective at activating the reference points and sensations to look for in a variety of settings.

    To conclude this training, the last video will deal with spotting technique. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about the coach's positioning and the actions needed.

    Enjoy the training!

    A tip from us: This study of the swing half-turn is the entry point into the world of back swings with a longitudinal rotation. Over time you'll see swing half-turn to handstand, blind turns, and others.

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    6 video(s)
    Duration : 01h11
    Trainer : Angelo Ritorto