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Front aerial

    •   Introduction
    •   Prerequisite no. 1: Handstand split
    •   Prerequisite no. 2: Needle scale on the beam
    •   Prerequisite no. 3: Bridge and front bridge
    •   Prerequisite no. 4: Front walkover on beam
    •   Prerequisite no. 5: Front handspring step-out on beam
    •   Prerequisite no. 6: Jump with inversion to handstand
    •   Starting position
    •   Forward lunge specific to forward tumbling and alternating push-off
    •   Push-off phase: Action of the back leg
    •   Push-off phase: Action of the front leg
    •   Push-off phase: Chest action
    •   Push-off phase: Arm action
    •   Return to the needle scale and flight phase
    •   Landing phase
    •   Rhythm and conclusion
    •   Learning the movement through the forward lunge specific to the aerial
    •   Exercises to become familiar with the specific role of the arms in the push-off phase
    •   Exercise progression on developing coordination between the actions of the back leg, chest movement, and push on the front leg
    •   How to work specifically on the downward movement of the chest before push-off and shifting the pelvis when moving through vertical
    •   Exercise progression for working on shifting the pelvis at vertical and the quality of the landing
    •   Another way to work on the final landing phase and following the chronology of the actions
    •   How to technically and physically target the actions of the front leg on the push-off
    •   Execution of the entire move with a spot
    •   First execution on the floor
    •   Progressing step by step to first attempts on the high beam
    •   Conclusion
    •   Focus on the spotting technique for the front aerial on beam

    Front aerial

    How to teach this move that combines technique, strength, and flexibility!

    5 video(s)
    Duration : 00h54
    Trainer :
    Angelo Ritorto

    Front aerial

    How to teach this move that combines technique, strength, and flexibility!


    In this tutorial, you will find a complete analysis of the front aerial on beam.

    The first video details the prerequisites for the skill, a total of 6 for front aerial. For each of them, we'll go through the indicators that show they've been mastered sufficiently.

    The second video gives you a technical analysis of the element. We'll break down the different phases of the element and the actions needed to do it successfully. This analysis will help you to understand the logic to follow when setting up your training circuits.

    The third video focuses on the skill progression. It combines drills on technique with specific muscle strength exercises. Learn how to teach a front aerial from the first exercise with beginners to the final stages of being able to perform the skill on high beam without help.

    The final video shows you how to spot a front aerial.

    Enjoy the training everyone!

    A tip from us: This training is the first guide in a training series on acrobatic skills with alternating leg support. You can also explore the side salto and side aerial.

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    5 video(s)
    Duration : 00h54
    Trainer : Angelo Ritorto