Video training on physical preparation in artistic gymnastics

For many, physical preparation and gymnastics are indissociable. And it’s true, how could we not associate them? The majority of elements are performed with support on or suspension from the hands. The rest of the time, you need to run fast, rebound, and turn at high speed. And what about dance and technical elements that require excellent joint mobility? And then with hours and hours of training in order to be able to perform, gymnasts also need endurance.

Artistic gymnastics is a sport that calls on the sum of physical qualities: strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and coordination. So you need to be able to balance their development and find the “cocktail” that facilitates your gymnasts’ progression.

But the challenges don’t stop there. Gymnastics is practiced from childhood to adulthood, via puberty. A coach must therefore keep adapting these different programs to match the major periods of development of individual gymnasts.

That requires the coach to be an expert both in methods for developing physical qualities but also an expert in childhood developmental stages, all of course as they relate to gymnastics.

GymneoTV training materials on physical preparation are created taking all of these factors into account. The aim is not to give you cookie-cutter programs, but to help you to understand how to structure programs that will suit your gymnasts. We tell you what it’s advisable to do and not do, depending on the ages and objectives of the children concerned. It’s something that requires an investment of effort, but how can we conceive of offering training or exercises that aren’t suitable for the public we’re working with?

Our training materials will help you to define a direction and a framework for the development of each physical quality.