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Gienger Salto

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Gienger Salto

    •   Takeoff phase
    •   Movement to the low bar
    •   Placing the bar under tension
    •   Tap phase
    •   Comparisons between the tap for a backward giant, a Gienger and a dismount
    •   Acrobatic phase
    •   Returning to the bar
    •   Spotlight on the visual point of reference in the skill
    •   Introduction
    •   Prerequisite no. 1
    •   Prerequisite no. 2
    •   Prerequisite no. 3
    •   Prerequisite nos. 4 and 5
    •   Introduction
    •   Objective no. 2: Add a half turn
    •   Teaching progression on the uneven bars
    •   Introducing young gymnasts to the Gienger
    •   Breakdown of the complete spot
    •   Spotting the Gienger at regular speed

    Gienger Salto

    Learn to teach this bar release to your gymnasts!

    5 video(s)
    Duration : 00h46
    Trainer :
    Angelo Ritorto

    Gienger Salto

    Learn to teach this bar release to your gymnasts!


    Complete training guide to Gienger on uneven bars

    Learn how to teach this release to your gymnasts!

    Your training begins with an analysis of technique. This highlights the differences between the actions needed for a dismount, and those needed to re-catch the bar. It's useful to examine in detail all of the key phases of this movement.

    Next, we'll take a look at the prerequisites that will allow you to tackle Gienger with confidence. For each of them, we'll show you the indicators that gymnasts have actually mastered them.

    Next, take a look at the complete skill progression and the drills for teaching this release.

    In the last section, you'll learn the different spotting techniques you can use with younger gymnasts to ease the learning of this release. You'll also learn the traditional spotting technique used in the learning process.

    Happy training!

    A tip from us: round out your training on the Gienger with our GymneoLive videos #12 and #13 in order to have all the essential information for teaching Gienger to your gymnasts.

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    5 video(s)
    Duration : 00h46
    Trainer : Angelo Ritorto