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Straight jump

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Straight jump

  •   Introduction
  •   Focus on foot position
  •   Focus on knee position
  •   Focus on hip position
  •   Focus on arm position
  •   Focus on head position and where to look
  •   Introduction
  •   Step 1: First bounces and managing the leg separation on the bed
  •   Step 2: Improving balance in the air
  •   Step 3: Varying the arm positions
  •   Step 4: Learning the arm set
  •   Step 5: Coordinating the arm set and leg push
  •   Step 6: Increasing the amplitude

Straight jump

How to teach the straight jump on trampoline

2 video(s)
Duration : 00h26
Trainer :
Angelo Ritorto

Straight jump

How to teach the straight jump on trampoline


The straight jump is the quintessential basic skill on trampoline. Whether it's needed for working on or from the trampoline, to the front or the back, it is the starting point for all technical elements on this apparatus.

While it may be for beginners, this simple movement requires precision and hard work. Perfect execution will guarantee easier access to more complex elements.

In this training guide we bring you first of all a detailed technical analysis, then we show you the exercises that you will need to be able to teach it.

More and more, trampoline is becoming an indispensable tool for teaching artistic gymnastics.

When a gymnast has had training on trampoline, it becomes much simpler to learn more complex difficulties. Whether for vault, floor, beam, or even uneven bars, trampoline work will really help you save both time and energy.

Even though it is very close to gymnastics, trampoline is still a specialized discipline. You can't just make it up as you go along!

Our aim is therefore to help you, tutorial after tutorial, to get to know all of the technical movements on trampoline that will help you in artistic gymnastics.


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2 video(s)
Duration : 00h26
Trainer : Angelo Ritorto