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Back handspring

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Back handspring

    •   Introduction
    •   Takeoff position
    •   Unbalanced phase
    •   Creation of the inversion
    •   Opening the body and landing phase
    •   Analysis of the snap down
    •   Position in the 2nd flight phase
    •   Landing position and connecting position
    •   Back handspring from a round-off: What are the differences?
    •   Proper rhythm in a round-off handspring
    •   Connecting position on the final impact of the round-off back handspring
    •   Introduction
    •   The Handstand: Adequate indicators of mastery for the back handspring
    •   The ability to rebound on the hands
    •   The ability to rebound on the feet
    •   The back bridge
    •   The round-off, cartwheel and front handspring
    •   Why the front handspring? What is it good for?
    •   Conclusion
    •   Exercises to begin the takeoff phase
    •   Push-off and creation of the inversion
    •   Exploration of the inversion up to hand placement
    •   The training roller: Advantages and disadvantages!
    •   First attempts: Example of a drill circuit
    •   Exercises with facilitated push-off
    •   Exercises that break down the movement
    •   The snap down phase
    •   The technical approach to the end of the movement
    •   The standing back handspring and the first connecting exercises
    •   Introduction
    •   From standing to flic: How to use spotting to introduce the gymnast to this skill
    •   Spotting in the drills
    •   The flic stopped at the handstand
    •   Different assistance techniques for the snap down
    •   From the round-off to round-off 3 flics
    •   Conclusion
    •   Introduction
    •   Static positions
    •   Strengthening of the curl at the end of the round-off
    •   Learning the concept of the abdominal and back wave
    •   A more and more physical wave!
    •   Transitioning from one curl to another
    •   Perceived and analytical strengthening
    •   A more dynamic approach
    •   Snap downs and trampoline
    •   Traditional snap down
    •   Introduction
    •   Overall and analytical observation
    •   List of errors
    •   What are the solutions?

    Back handspring

    How to teach the back handspring on floor

    7 video(s)
    Duration : 01h30
    Trainer :
    Angelo Ritorto

    Back handspring

    How to teach the back handspring on floor


    Back handspring, or flic-flac, is the first element with flight that we teach gymnasts. It's one of the steps that opens the door to the world of tumbling in gymnastics.

    In the technical analysis, we'll break down, phase by phase, the flic-flac itself as well as the different positions involved in connections with round-off, another flic, or a salto.

    Then we'll give you the information you'll need to be able to tell when the prerequisites have been mastered, in other words, when you can begin work on the skill.

    The teaching analysis will bring you 30 drills to be able to learn a flic-flac from standing.

    In the spotting section we'll give you all the stages needed to be able to teach a flic-flac.

    Lastly, we have decided to dedicate the physical preparation video to the dish shape: learn how to tackle it and strengthen it.

    Bonus: in the "Live" segment, you'll be able to examine the back handspring as it's being learned. Hone your observation with us as you pick out the main errors, and then learn the strategies to put in place in order to correct them.


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    7 video(s)
    Duration : 01h30
    Trainer : Angelo Ritorto