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  •   Présentation de la formation sur la rondade
  •   Round-off from forward lunge
  •   Round-off from hurdle and run
  •   Connection to the round-off back handspring
  •   Prerequisite no.1: handstand pop
  •   Prerequisite no. 2: handstand pop from the hurdle
  •   Prerequisite no. 3: front handspring
  •   Prerequisite no. 4: cartwheel
  •   Other prerequisites focused on the snap down
  •   Prerequisites for the round-off back handspring
  •   Round-off: starting position and initiation of the turn
  •   Round-off: approach and introduction to the step down
  •   Round-off: introduction to the move as a whole
  •   Round-off: individual phases
  •   Round-off: taking it further
  •   Round-off back handspring: introduction to the connection and strengthening exercises
  •   Round-off back handspring: push-offs and curls
  •   Round-off back handspring: lean and lengthening
  •   Round-off back handspring: other useful exercises
  •   Spot no. 1: stimulating the arm push-off
  •   Spot no. 2: stimulating the snap down in the pelvis
  •   Spot no. 3: stimulating the shoulder-feet torque
  •   Close-up on rounding the back
  •   Specific physical preparation for the cartwheel
  •   Specific physical preparation for the snap down of the back handspring
  •   Case study no. 1
  •   Case study no. 2


How to teach the round-off on floor

7 video(s)
Duration : 02h16
Trainer :
Angelo Ritorto


How to teach the round-off on floor


How to teach this complex tumbling element

The round-off on floor is an indispensable element for anyone who wants to do backward tumbling skills on floor.

But it is also one of the elements that allow you to do dismounts from beam and Yurchenkos on vault.

We've taken care to bring you each part of this element in minute detail. That way, you can offer your gymnasts multiple exercises to break it down as much as possible and limit most of the compensations that can appear.

We have also chosen to bring you a complete set of drills on the connection between round-off and flic-flac.

As always, you will find a selection of videos in this training that will allow you to explore this skill from all angles.

A tip from us: if you look at the tutorials on cartwheel and back handspring from standing, you will have a great range of exercises to use in training. You'll acquire an effective approach that will help to limit the problems that can crop up in future tumbling skills!

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7 video(s)
Duration : 02h16
Trainer : Angelo Ritorto